Hugh & Marion's @ElthamJazzClub


Whether you have been to one of our concerts, or are thinking of attending, feel free to get in touch with any questions or feedback via the Contact Form.

There is a Note for Musicians directly underneath.

A Note for Musicians

As working musicians ourselves, we fully appreciate the hustle. It’s a slog asking for gigs and there is often not enough clarity, but we currently programme by invitation only, with bespoke bands put together by the invited lead musician and Dave who will be on drums. These are currently Quartets maximum so there’s enough to give everyone a fair fee. 

If we are unable to invite you, please don’t take it personally. We have only 24 gigs a year, aiming for female/male parity (at least in our bandleaders), and a broad range of both vocalists and instrumentalists. Although Hugh & Marion ran this club for many years, we are new, and mindful of our neighbouring clubs, trying not to replicate their programming.

Thank you for understanding,

Georgia & Dave